Background & aim

The Cloud Control Workshops is a series of scientific meetings aimed to foster research in the multidisciplinary area of Cloud Control, leveraging expertise in areas such as autonomic computing, control theory, distributed systems, energy management, machine learning, mathematical statistics, performance modelling, software engineering, and systems management, to manage cloud and edge resources and applications.

The workshops are by invitation only and aimed to gather a good mix of senior academic researchers, researchers from leading industries, and young researchers and PhD students. Invited attendees are leading researchers from any scientific discipline with potential to contribute to this multidisciplinary area.

The workshop format typically comprises a small number of short presentations, a quite substantial number of longer discussion sessions, a poster session, and countless opportunities for spontaneous discussions among peers.

One overall aim of the workshop series is to provide understanding of the research challenges ahead and to foster multi-disciplinary research collaborations, with the ambition to shape the future of cloud management. A second, equally important, objective is to foster a multi-disciplinary community around the topic.

Notably, at least up to date, the workshop has been held in two slightly different editions, with a major international edition during summers (e.g., the 17th, 15th, 13th, and 11th edition) and a small Swedish edition during winters (e.g., 14th, 12, 10th edition).

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