5th Cloud Control Workshop, Aug 20-22, 2014

Ramin Yahyapour
GWDG, Göttingen
Krzysztof Kuchcinski
Lund University
Alexander Iosup
TU Delft

The 5th Cloud Control Workshop is held on Grand Hotel in Mölle, Sweden, on August 20-22, 2014.

Cloud computing has become the dominant paradigm to fulfill compute and storage needs while hiding the underlying complexity of resource management. However, under the hood, many parameters at both software and hardware level need to be controlled to ensure the reliability, performance, and energy efficiency of cloud applications. Furthermore, workload variability and software heterogeneity make optimal parameter selection complex, which combined with the large scale of clouds call for distributed resource management solutions.

The workshop is aimed to foster multidisciplinary research in Cloud Control, leveraging expertise in areas such as distributed systems, control theory, autonomic computing, systems management, mathematical statistics, energy management, and performance management. By providing an understanding of the research challenges ahead and by enabling multi-disciplinary research collaborations, the ambition is to shape the future of cloud management.

The workshop format will be in the spirit of the 2nd and 3rd Cloud Control Workshops, i.e., mainly be focused on multi-disciplinary research discussions in parallel sessions but also include some scientific presentations on planned, ongoing, or completed research. All participants are encouraged to propose discussion topics on before hand and to take active part in any discussions with the ambition to make progress on any topic of interest to the participants.
(For illustration of a typical workshop program, see the programs for the 2nd and the 3rd edition of this workshop.)

Participation is be based on invitation and we aim for 30-40 people. There will be no workshop proceedings but participants are encouraged to share any material they want to. 

5 Mölle

Workshop Details


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Instructions to discussion leaders

For international participants, we recommend to fly into Copenhagen Airport (CPH), continue by train to Helsingborg, and finally take a taxi to Mölle. (Direct trains depart from the airport every hour on the 46th minute and take 1.02. Alternatively, every 20 minutes, there is a train taking 1.15 – 1.33 that requires a change. The taxi-ride from Helsingborg to Mölle is 35 km and is likely to cost about 70 euro).

For Swedish domestic flights, the nearest airport is Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport (AGH) with flights from both Arlanda (ARN) and Bromma (BMA).

Social Activities
The surroundings of Mölle are very scenic, for example, the large National park called Kullaberg. We will arrange some outdoor activities during the afternoon of Thursday August 21. There will be an opportunity to go to the lighthouse of Kullen, or take a walk to a nearby beach. All depending on the weather of course. See more on http://k.inventit.dk/show/english/frontpage.aspx

For any questions or suggestions, please contact Erik Elmroth: elmroth@cs.umu.se.


Grand Hotel, Mölle, Sweden

Program Committee

Erik Elmroth, Umeå University (Chair)
Karl-Erik Årzen, Lund University
Maria Kihl, Lund University
Mina Sedaghat, Umeå University
Luis Tomas, Umeå University

For any questions or suggestions, please contact Erik Elmroth: elmroth@cs.umu.se.

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