2nd Cloud Control Workshop, Sep 25-26, 2013

John Wilkes

Guillaume Pierre

The 2nd Cloud Control workshop, held at the Sony premises in Lund, on 25-26 of September 2013.

First and foremost, the workshop aims at fostering relations between individuals in order to enhance the potential for fruitful collaborations. Secondly, it aims at knowledge transfer across people’s fields of expertize. Thirdly, it aims at providing the fuel for new multi-disciplinary collaborations through a series of presentations and discussions on on-going research on cloud datacenter management and control theory for computing systems.

Keynote speakers

  • John Wilkes, Google, US
  • Guillaume Pierre, Université Rennes 1, France

2 Lund

Workshop Details

Workshop program

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Suggested readings from 1st workshop (still relevant, requires wiki login)


The workshop is held in the Sony premises that are soon to be used by the recently established Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute (MAPCI). The Sony premises are located at Mobilvägen (the new water tower) in Lund. The building is the red brick-building (named Greenland) that is located furthest to the west (closest to the highway). The workshop is held at the ground floor, just inside the reception.

Program Committee

  • Erik Elmroth, Umeå University, Sweden (Workshop Chair)
  • Karl-Erik Årzén, Lund University, Sweden (Local chair)
  • Maria Kihl, Lund University, Sweden
  • Anders Robertsson, Lund University, Sweden

For any questions or suggestions, please contact Erik Elmroth: elmroth@cs.umu.se.

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